tChristine Lundy is licensed to work as a paralegal by the Law Society of Upper Canada. The licence means that she is required to meet the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity and trustworthiness in representing her clients. You can trust her to put your needs and interests first.

Her background experience includes being a Canadian diplomat, an adviser on human rights to UNICEF  and other branches of the United Nations, the owner of an independent bookstore, and a Human Rights Officer with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. She has developed human resources and safety procedures for small business, and trained both governmental and non-governmental representatives from around the world in the implementation of human rights agreements and monitoring the situation of human rights in many different contexts.

From her former employment with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Christine Lundy knows both the Human Rights Code and the operation of the human rights system in Ontario, as well as how to investigate allegations of human rights abuses and harassment, including in relation to the Bill 168 provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. She can help employers develop the policies they need to meet their obligations, and provide the training to put those policies into practice.

She can provide guidance and representation for employers or employees in complaints to the Ministry of Labour under the Employment Standards Act, or appeals to the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Since she has been both an employee and an employer, she fully understands the issues that can arise from either side of a matter.