Please be cautious about the information you provide and the means you use to communicate with Lundy Paralegal. I cannot guarantee confidentiality of information provided by email, so you should refrain from providing details that you would not like others to know.

When you first contact my office, I suggest that you merely give me a general idea of what you are asking about (human rights, employment standards, wrongful dismissal) and indicate whether you are likely to be the applicant / claimant/ plaintiff or respondent / defendant. It sill help me to avoid possible conflicts of interest if, in the initial communication, you also provide the name(s) of the other parties involved, or likely to be involved, in your issue. Based on the initial communication, I will contact you to arrange for a consultation, if that is appropriate.

Generally speaking, I do not give legal advice to people who are not clients. By sending me an inquiry, you do not automatically become a client. People become clients when I agree to act for them and they confirm my representation in a retainer letter or retainer agreement and pay me a monetary retainer fee. If you are going to become my client, we can discuss this at the initial consultation.


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